My Second Chance – Episode 2 (Stories)


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That was how it started. I hid it from my family. Kolade always buys me something special each time he visits the home with a note which I had a special hiding place for. He encouraged me to write GCE that year and I was successful. I wrote Jamb and University of Lagos was my first choice. My parents wanted me to join Kevin in UNN but I lied to them that I wanted to be close to home. I gained admission and that was the happiest day of my life.

Life on campus was more than I had heard. It was so much fun. I stayed in the hostel. Kolade was in his final year when I was in my first year. He picked me up every morning for lectures, we had lunch together and we went back to class in the evening to read. I had the weekends to have some fun but Kolade decided on where I would go.

My dressing had changed. Immediately I came on campus, I knew I couldn’t wear most of the clothes I brought. My uncles had dashed me some money for entering the university in one sitting and getting into a prestigious school to study a professional course, Accounting. I received a good sum of money which I kept. So I was glad I had money to go shopping but didn’t know who to help me. I discussed my plight with Lauretta. She gained admission into LASU to study Law. I was very happy for her too.

“Don’t fret. I know where we will go and you will get two boxes full with half of the cash you have.”

“Two boxes full Lauretta? Where is this place oh.”

“Yaba market. It is early in the morning. We must be there before 6:00am. Once they open bale we will select. You can come to my house to wash and dry the clothes. The dry cleaner on my street has been disturbing me, I will ask him to wash and iron them for a token.”

“What kind of clothes are they?”

“Okrika. Bend down and select. What do you think these young girls wear? You need shoes too. We will buy three pairs and also sandals.”

“Are you telling me the truth? Those beautiful dresses you wear are secondhand clothes?”

“Would I lie to you? Trust me.”

“But you know I don’t want exposed clothes oh. I don’t want my parents to see me and withdraw me from school. You understand.”

“You will have clothes for different occasions. Don’t worry.”

True to her words, we bought so many clothes. I was happy going back to school with bags of professionally iron clothes. I was excited. We even bought earrings and bangles. She wanted me to buy makeup but I was not ready for that; I was still a learner.

The first time Kolade saw me in my new attire, he was taken aback. “Wow” he said, “you look gorgeous. I think I should be worried now. Some guys would want to snatch you from me.”

I just laughed. I was happy I looked different now. My change of clothes made me more confident. I was also better received in class. I still sat in front of the class but my looks made it even better. I was noticed and other students wanted to be friends with me. It gave me confidence and I was able to interact with the opposite sex without feeling inferior.

The year was coming to an end. I had clocked 18 and Kolade threw a party for me. I invited my friends in other universities for the party. It was the talk of the school and amongst my friends for days. Kolade had been very patient with me I felt free in his company. He was a bookworm and made me concentrate on my studies; the evidence was me topping my class. I listened to him.

A week after the party, I paid him an unscheduled visit. I never went to his apartment off campus without telling him. I wanted to surprise him with early breakfast. I bought everything I needed and entered his flat. I knocked on his door and it took him a while to open it up. When he did, he was shocked to see me. I walked him very suspicious. I thought he had a girl in there with him but he didn’t.

“Why did it take you so long to open the door?”

“I was sleeping. I closed my books at 4:00 am so I could sleep till 10. I have tutorials by 12 noon.”

“I’m sorry. I came to make you breakfast.”

“Wow! That’s nice. Go ahead while a catch a nap. Hope you don’t mind?”

“I don’t mind. Go to sleep while I cook.”

I went ahead. I fried eggs in a sauce of tomatoes, pepper, green pepper, onions, and sardines. I warmed baked beans (I noticed he loved them) and served with sliced bread I bought from the bakery on my way to his house. The aroma filled everywhere. I brought the food to him. He was already up and seated.

“I couldn’t sleep, the aroma was killing me.”

“You could have joined me in the kitchen.”

“I was avoiding that.”

They ate together. Kolade looked at Pam. She was beautiful. She wore a knee length skirt and a tee shirt. She only had powder and lip gloss on her face. She had her long hair backed into a ponytail. She was simple but she exhumed elegance. There was something about her that was alluring to him. He knew he loved her. He wasn’t sure she loved him too. She had never said it. All he knew was that she enjoyed being in his company and obeyed everything he told her. He was proud of her.

Ideas were popping in his head. Her skirt had moved up a bit and he could see her laps. Why did she have to come this morning? He watched the way she ate, she was so cultured. His eyes dropped from her mouth to her chest. He knew he shouldn’t be in close proximity with her right now. He was turned on. He stood up swiftly and went to put his clothes on.

“Where are you going?” she asked. A question he had no response to. “Did I offend you?”

He answered her honestly “I can’t be in the same room with you right now.”

“Why? Did I do something wrong?”

“No, please let me go for a walk and cool my head.”

“You have to tell me what is wrong.” She said. He fell silent and looked at her. She had stood up and was standing by the door.

I didn’t know what he was playing at. Why would he walk away from me like that? I stopped him. We were having a good time. What happened within a split of a second?

“Do you know what I want to do right now?” he asked me shyly.

“What?” I responded.

He took me in his arms and kissed me. He has never kissed me on the mouth ever since the relationship began. We had only hugged and pecked but nothing more. My friends were shocked when I told them we hadn’t gone beyond that. They praised him but also let me know what I was missing.

I never knew I could feel this way. I was not in control of my body anymore. I responded and he drew me closer to him. The kiss got deeper. I didn’t know what I was doing but it felt good. My body was responding to his touch.

“Do you want this? I really want you but I want to know that you want me too. If not I can wait till you love me just the way I love you.”

“Kolade, you know I love you. If I didn’t love you would I do all your biddings? Would I be here this morning to make you breakfast? I love you probably more than you love me..”

Kolade was glad to hear that. “Do you want this? Would you want me to make love to you?”

“I want this. I have been waiting for this.”

He led me to the bed which he had tidied up when he woke up. He took off my clothes item by item. I can still remember his breath on my neck. He touched my body so softly and tenderly. It was as though he was sculpting it. He kissed me all over. He spent more time in some places more than the others. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. The pleasure was far more than I had imagined. My reaction seemed to be heightening his desire. He stopped, stood up and went to his wardrobe. I wondered what he went to collect. He came back with it. Dropped it in the bed, took off his shorts and I saw a manhood for the first time. He wore the condom he had brought and proceeded to penetrate me. As he entered into me, I felt pain I had never felt before and I passed out. I woke up sometime after and he was pacing up and down the room.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Thank God you woke up. You passed out.” he sounded so relieved.


“Why didn’t it occur to me that you were still a virgin? How could I have been blind that you are innocent?”

“I was. I am no longer. I waited to give it to you.”

“I am so sorry I hurt you. I shouldn’t have allowed my emotions becloud me. If I had gone for that walk, I would have felt better. This won’t have happened.”

“It would have someday. I have been waiting for you to ask for it. You are the only one I want to give it to.”

“I love you, Pam.”

“I love you Kola.”

He took me in his arms again. We kissed and made out. He was too scared to come in again but I encouraged him to. I needed to know how that felt. When he did, it was like heaven on earth. For the first time ever, I spent the weekend with him. He took me to the hostel to get some of my things and we stayed together. We read together in the room and made love when the need arises. It was the best weekend of my life.

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