Submission Does Not Make A Woman A Responsible Person


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Revelation For Men.

Yes, submission was stated in the bible as one of the ways a woman should respond to her husband but it should come natural and not under durex.

I remember the story of a child whose mother forced to sit down and he obeyed but said to his mother, ‘On the outside, I am sitting down but on the inside, I am standing up”. This is the position of most women we believe to have submitted to their husbands. Their loyalty is not intentional. They are filling the gap.

A friend got married and asked me, ‘What should be my most important focus now on my wife?”, I said to him, ‘I wouldn’t know but most importantly, don’t write rules and regulations for her. Let her convince you of who she is by herself. Don’t create another you in her yet’. He listened to me and it has been going well between two of them.

Are you the kind of man that reminds his wife that you are the man?. You may have a point doing that but that point is creating a rebel than a friend out of your wife.

A husband is a leader and not a pusher.

When a man is married, his wife is in the leading and not in the following. Do I explain better to you? True leaders don’t raise followers. They raise leaders. Don’t put a woman in the position of your slave. Submission should be her natural character. It doesn’t have to come from your authority or command.

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